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The importance of adherence programs

When patients are not monitored closely they can discontinue treatment, miss treatment doses, or change their treatment regime. The problem with this behavior is patients can, therefore, miss their therapeutic targets.  If the patient is not adherent to the therapy regime, or is not administering the treatment correctly, the treatment will not be efficacious which impacts the patient, the clinical study or post marketing surveillance for companies.


The benefit of an adherence program is patients are monitored by a specialized dedicated staff, to ensure patients obtain adherence and achieve their therapeutic target which in turn confirms the therapy benefit.   


Screening & Diagnosis

At CEBIS we help patients access the correct diagnosis as early as possible. We screen for eligible patients, who may have experienced an incorrect clinical diagnosis, and help them obtain the correct diagnosis with laboratory investigations which are confirmed by our treatment specialists. We provide education to assist patients with understanding their diagnosis. 


Recruitment and Access to Therapy

Patients which are living outside of major cities or university centres may not be able to access treatments or new therapies. We actively go to outside of these territories to search for patients through either a specialist doctor and/or family doctor network and refer these patients for treatment within these major cities or university centres.  Therapies may include treatments under development, available through clinical trials, or those already on the market.


Adherence & Retention

There are a number of factors which can affect adherence and retention.  Adherence to therapy can be is influenced by the patient, the healthcare system, the provider, the treatment, the condition or disease, the cost of the treatment and/or socio-economic factors.


At CEBIS we have developed a sophisticated system to ensure optimal patient adherence, support and retention to avoid both intentional and non-intentional adherence issues.  We have a dedicated medical call centre, adherence specialists and national and local care coaches to engage with patients and their treatment plan.   


The company strongly believes in taking a multi-faceted approach to engaging patients which is why it includes face to face interactions in addition to its technological solutions. “With our face to face interactions, we can increase medical adherence. Owing to a complete adherence, we are able to increase the success rate of the treatment beyond the results we portrayed in the trials,”  With such stellar results, CEBIS has been selected to take care of patient recruitment and retention and to offer support in several major patients programs developed in Europe in Oncology, Hematology, Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Dermatology, Rheumatology, CNS and Immunology.